Monday, December 29, 2008

This is the LAST time...

On Friday I was furloughed...and today I was invited back. I start tomorrow.

Wow is really all I can say. Perhaps I should write a book or something? These past couple of years certainly qualify as book worthy. :)


Noons said...

Wow! That is a weird turn of events, although I'm sure most welcome!

Wishing you all the best, Chet.

Agree with you: have as much fun at work as you can, we spend more time there than at home!

Sorry to hear about the family thing. It's been a rough ride here of late as well, with a few deaths in the family and close friends.

Ah well it happens, I suppose: we all have to go on.

Hang in there and be happy!

oraclenerd said...


Thanks for the wishes!

My Dad says it's all about choices. (He loves to annoy my mother with this too). He also says "don't sweat the small stuff" (even after 5 strikeouts in one game when I was 16, I couldn't have been more angry at him).

But he's right, we can decide to be a curmudgeon and complain about anything and everything or we can roll with it and try (or choose) to enjoy it. I'm thankful he passed on his outlook on life to me.

Ted Simpson said...

You definitely should write a book. I am glad to hear you were restored. I hope 2009 is more, um, stable for you! Have a happy new year.

Tom Wurzbach said...

I can't tell you what's book worthy, but you should probably keep looking for work. If RevolutionMoney is the company, it looks like *yet another payment option.* Knock the fluff off the top and you're left with another company pushing a credit/debit card onto a world that overdosed on same last year. There's no niche market here; no disruptive technology--just more of the same packaged a little differently and certain to fail.

Just my two cents.

Hope 2009 is a prosperous year for you.

oraclenerd said...

Thanks Ted!