Friday, December 26, 2008


Not once, not twice, but three times in one year!

So if you know anyone who needs an ORACLENERD, forward them on!



Noons said...

Oh man! Hang in there, buddy.

Narrowly avoided the same fate here as well, everyone seems to have gone into "fire as many as you can" mode of late.

Unreal. One wonders what the thought process is when folks with 15 years of company experience are "let go"?

It'll take us years to recover that accumulated knowledge now...

Tom said...

Noons, I totally agree with you. I think companies are trying to do anything to make their year end numbers look good. I wouldn't be surprised to see hiring uptick in a big way come January as companies struggle to keep up with the demand places on those left. The ones left will leave in droves.

oraclenerd said...


It's been a heck of a ride this year, that's for sure.

That's the hope...lots 'o hiring next year!

DomBrooks said...

dude - no way, not again. that's not fair.

Jake said...

Sorry to hear that dude. Noons and Tom are onto something; several companies that very publicly let go of staff are now more quietly seeking to hire.

Kinda sucks, but it's always good to be laid off in the first round, while severance exists and there are lifeboats.

I'll keep my ear to the ground. Good news is you'll have time to do a Beer and Blog chapter now :)

oraclenerd said...

Dom, Jake,

Thanks. To follow my trend of the last year though I decided to go back to work there today. Got the call this morning and I start tomorrow.

If I don't have a coronary my wife will...


Joel Garry said...

Wow, just ran across this timeline. Very entertaining!

Best job I ever had, it was a running joke how many times I was let go and bought back - as an independent working for a small startup, the funding-by-customers was capricious, to say the least.

But I was young and a hotshot. I couldn't handle it now. I couldn't handle the situation I'm in now (extra-lean old-school IT/accounting department) as I was then, so I guess we all make our own beds and then drink lots of coffee and don't sleep in them :-)

Keep on truckin' chet, have a happy new year.

oraclenerd said...


I don't know if I'm cut out to handle it now!

Probably worse is the effect it has on my wife (who isn't working)...I'm fairly laid back and fairly confident I can find Oracle related work (and I don't mind the forced vacations :), but she doesn't have any "power."

Thanks for the wishes Joel.