Monday, June 30, 2008

Hertz Still Sucks

From Hertz:

Dear Mr. Justice:

We have received a report from USAA regarding your rental in Baltimore. We appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns.

We are always concerned when a customer is disappointed with our service for any reason. When customers accept the Fuel Purchase Option (FPO), they are pre-paying for a full tank of fuel in advance at a price per gallon that is comparable to local gasoline stations. There is no refund given for any fuel left in the tank at return, and this was stated on the rental record you signed; it is noted on the second page of the contract at the top. In addition, the estimated charges at the time of rental were $117.01, and this is the exact amount you were charged. However, we sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding concerning these charges and regret the confusion regarding the FPO.

At the same time, we realize communication problems can occasionally occur. In the interest of customer satisfaction, we have processed a $30.00 credit to your MasterCard account. This is approximately one-half of the FPO charge.

Mr. Justice, we appreciate your business. We hope to serve you again soon with more positive results.


Executive Administrator
OKC Customer Relations
The Hertz Corporation
P.O. Box 26120
14501 Hertz Quail Springs Parkway
Oklahoma City, OK 73134

No, they didn't call either. Nor did they honestly address any of my complaints.

I never denied that I signed the agreement (thereby responsible for the FPO) and I didn't expect any compensation for it. My problem was with the particular agent who knew I would be in town for one day only and sold it to me anyway without telling me the specifics.

Oh well. Avis I'd use since they called my father and addressed his concerns. Hertz, never again.

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