Thursday, June 26, 2008

Corporate Life III

See Part I and Part II.

In Part I of Corporate Life, I said:
It feels like I've experienced about every event I could have imagined:
1. In January of 2007, a new CIO/SVP was hired and promptly restructured (replaced the VPs) the IT department.
2. In October of 2007, we had a nifty FBI raid.
3. January of 2008, we appear to be losing our CEO, CFO and General Counsel.
prodlife then mentioned that I hadn't experienced layoffs.

Four months later I did, on May 22, WellCare laid off 208 employees. I blogged it. I was fired.

I'm up to five corporate experiences.

I'm still missing the merger/acquisition and the IPO. Anything I'm missing?

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