Thursday, May 8, 2008

SOUG: 2008 Technology Day

The Suncoast Oracle Users Group (SOUG) will be putting on their annual Technology Day on May 13th. If you are in Tampa or the surrounding area, you should go.

I went in 2006 (from Gainesville) and had a great time. Tom Kyte spoke that year. Surprisingly, my favorite speaker was this guy from Sun (I can't remember his name for the life of me). The main thrust of his presentation was the open sourcing of Solaris 10. He said something about DTrace (I think), way over my head. But his enthusiasm was contagious.

I've always wanted to learn a non-Windows OS, but I could never decide what flavor. Just too many choices.

Solaris 10 was free and it ran Oracle. Perfect!

I did recently create a Solaris 10 Virtual Machine, but I still haven't gotten around to attempting to install Oracle on it.

Anyway, it's a good time, especially for those of you starved for "nerd" companionship!

(Yes, another poll, these are pretty cool. Thanks to Mr. Eddie Awad for the polling link. I think he used it a couple of years ago and I've used it every since)

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Tom said...

I think the guys name is Bob Netherton.

Here is his blog.

oraclenerd said...

Yep, that's him.

I thought he was awesome.