Monday, May 5, 2008

Oracle at Home

I participated in an interview today. One of the questions I usually ask is "Do you have Oracle installed at home?"

It's more a question to gauge their nerdiness than anything, see if they're obsessed like me. Does it always mean that they aren't smart or capable? No, not really. That will come out through the other technical questions. For me at least, it does indicate a curiousity about how the software works.

So, do you have Oracle installed at home?

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Anonymous said...

Follow up polls: How many? Which versions?

I have Oracle(s) on my laptop, so it follows me wherever I go.

oraclenerd said...

Good questions.

I have two, XE and 10g, installed on the laptop. 11g is in the queue to be installed.

Anonymous said...

No. I have a four-year-old boy installed at home. There's no time for anything else. But my wife is also an Oracle DBA - is that nerdy enough?!

oraclenerd said...

Definitely! You get to discuss Oracle at home!

My wife has no idea what I'm talking about...

odinsride said...

I have Oracle 11g and OBIEE installed in a virtual machine at home. I have it open to the internet so I can use it for testing things no matter where I am.

DomBrooks said...

I do. I've got XE and 11g. But I rarely use them these days unless I'm looking at a very specific problem.

I am soon (so I keep telling myself) going to get a new laptop, VM, and get 11g RAC up and running.

Then (I also keep telling myself) I'm going to do all that extra investigation on my train commute, and learn those new languages, etc.

oraclenerd said...

like Ruby or something? ;)

I actually "caught" one of my colleagues on the DW team doing just that, looking at Ruby on Rails. I made fun of him...but he'll probably win out the day.

Anonymous said...

If you read about Ruby during train commute, it is definitely Ruby on Rails :)

I'm a bit afraid of Ruby on Rails, since it attempts to automatically translate your object model to a relational model (like Hibernate), and in my experience this only leads to misery.

oraclenerd said...

That's a good one!

Like any tool/framework/whatever, it needs to be used wisely.

Unfortunately, it's too often put in the hands of those who don't truly understand it.