Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another Failed Deployment...

Just before I went on vacation I (we) deployed an application so that our finance group could maintain their own rates.

We were doing between 5 and 8 critical change requests a month, unacceptable. I fought months ago to bring the rates into the data warehouse so that we could own them and eventually build this application (in APEX of course).

So what happened?

From my perspective:
1. I was rushing so that I could go on vacation without worry.
2. I was doing support work while trying to build the application.
3. I added create_date into the composite unique key without at the very least truncating SYSDATE. This created duplicate records. This was the impetus behind my post the other day named "How do you audit?"

We performed the official root cause analysis today and here's what came out of it:
1. There is no defined or official design process.
2. No official or formal design review was performed.
3. Chet sucks!

It was a good exercise. I believe I am always open and upfront about mistakes. I welcome criticism.

Length between failed deployments: 5 days

I guess it's better to get them out of the way in that short time span. It's never fun and it's always embarrassing. Ultimately, I just have to accept it and move on.

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