Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bowling for IT

Another non-Oracle related post. Just fun at work.

Last Friday we had another one of our IT all-hands meetings. My goal at each one is to make either the rumor list (of the top ten variety) or to be somehow be involved (hopefully good) in other ways.

Two months ago I was promoted to SVP of IT, because I was able to talk my CIO into it. Last month, I was promoted to CEO because I happen to resemble our new CEO. This month, the "light" piece was a "Where are they now?" complete with old/new pictures of IT employees. (Needless to say I am an only child...I crave attention!)

To say I've gained weight since starting a career/marriage/family would be an understatement. I went from a lean and mean 170 to about 250 now. The first pic I had just completed a sprint triathlon in Clermont, Florida. The second was sometime after the birth of my first child.

I take about every opportunity I can to send out the first one to new friends. "I didn't always look like a slob. That got to be my "before" picture and my "after" picture was my mugshot from my ID badge (yikes).

There I was 10 feet tall and looking great! I no longer had to send the picture out to anyone (and risk possible graffiti, though I guess posting it here doesn't help matters).

The important part was that I made all-hands again. I think that's 12 in a row.

And finally to the title of the post. After our all-hands meeting we went bowling. Food and bowling were free. I did notice however that there are quite a few, um..., drinkers among IT. I would certainly say that I fall into that category. At one point, it took so long to get a drink (only one bartender for 100 some odd people) I tried to ban the sale of mixed drinks so it would speed things up. However, my ploy didn't work.

I just bought two beers and waited for everyone else to follow-up with pitchers!

Gotta have fun at work right?

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