Wednesday, February 27, 2008


or Electronic Data Interchange, just a fancy phrase for sending and receiving files. We (IT) do love to complicate things don't we?

I've put the change data capture stuff on hold as my never-ending project goes into it's 12th week past deadline. It's at nine 9s: 99.9999999. It's finance related stuff and nothing less than 100% is acceptable. I'm tired.

Part of my project was to move from an already built in house table to the raw (files) tables. My feisty colleague took on that fun challenge for 6 months or so. He's heading up a new project though so he's had to pass the baton on to me. I've accepted it...reluctantly. ;)

Anyway, we store these inbound files all over the place (seemingly to me). I started writing a little Java application that would scan a directory, read these x12-820 files and tell me the interchange date, control number, total amount and some other useful information.

I plan on either putting this in the database and wrapping it up in PL/SQL or creating a service (Java Service Wrapper) and pushing this useful data to a table. So if you have to deal with the wonderful x12/820 formats, you may want to check back soon for the code. I can't promise it will be good, but it will work!

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