Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Running for Brews

Anything that combines my enjoyment of beer with a positive activity is a good thing in my opinion. A couple of weeks ago a friend and I (he was in town for work from San Diego) were walking around downtown St. Pete. We noticed this large gathering of jogging attired folks, so we wandered over.

By large gathering I mean 50 or more people. Not too shabby. I've been running a bit lately (but mostly biking, it's not as hard on the body) and was soon to be moving to St. Pete. A perfect storm for me.

The group is called Running for Brews. Not to be confused with Beer & Blog of course. While fun, it's not as healthy as getting in a run before your beer. Actually, put beer in front of any other word and I'm sure you'll have fun.

Now that I'm living in St. Pete, I decided to partake in the event with friend and now neighbor, John Thompson and his dog Jake.

Why We Do What We Do
We are runners, but we love delicious craft beers. Running for Brews began with a small group getting together for beers after a relaxing run. Everyone could use a little motivation when it comes to finding the energy to get out and exercise. And what motivation is better than beer and friends? Running for Brews has found a way to merge healthy living, good drinking, and great conversation with our running/craft beer club. Find an event near your location and join a free Running for Brews to enjoy great beers and great company. Find a weekly run – Click Here

As for the networking part, I met a fellow Gator and his wife last night. He moved to NYC after college where he worked in the entertainment industry. I asked him about a talent agency up there, and he knew it. He then asked me if I knew Don Epstein. Nope, but hold on. I texted my friend in NYC who works said talent agency asking if she knew Mr. Epstein. Yeah, she did, it was her uncle. Small world indeed.

I know a few of you who are runners or starting to run again and who happen to enjoy the occasional craft brew. Perhaps you should combine those two things and start your own chapter? (I'm looking at you Jeff).

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