Wednesday, June 6, 2012

KScope 2012 Advanced Registration Ends June 9th!

It's almost here. Kscope 2012. Just 18 more days.

What's that? You're not going?

Need to justify the trip? Check out the bottom of the registration page here. There are some helpful hints for Developers, Managers and BI/EPM Professionals.

On June 9th, Advance Registration ends. If you hurry, you can save $300. Go now.

If you do sign up in the next three days AND show proof of such, I'll bring you an ORACLENERD T-Shirt (white on black, the classic). Limit 5. Donations always accepted (joke, I won't make you donate...unless I've had a beer, then I'll maybe hassle you for a few minutes, but nothing too harsh, I promise).


Jeff Smith said...

The t-shirts are of very high quality, they even make my toddler look smarter!

oraclenerd said...

Which is amazing, given your toddler's stock! :p