Friday, May 25, 2012

SOUG: That Developer Guy

Not sure if you've heard of this guy. I've written about his tool, err...I mean his former tool...gah, I mean his former IDE before.

Jeff Smith left the dark side to join the mothership, Oracle, late last year. Last night, he visited us down here in Tampa.

He was here once before, when he worked from that other company. You can read about that visit here.

For those who have come to our user group, it's heavy on the DBA side. Not may developers. Not sure what that really has to do with anything, just thought I'd mention it.

You can find him on Twitter and his blog. If you don't know who he is, then you've probably never 1, used Toad, 2, used SQL Developer or SQL Developer Data Modeler C, you don't drink beer and F, you're not from West Virginia. You might count yourself lucky on that last point.

In a surprise twist, for me anyway, I'm not the first to write about Jeff's visit to Tampa. Jon Bloom from Bloom Consulting BI beat me to the punch. I concur with everything that Jon says.

Jeff was his usual self, maybe a Stephen Wright of Presenting. Dry and always funny with great audience interaction. I'm hoping my presence helped as he picked on me quite a bit, but I'm sure he'd have found someone if I wasn't there. I picked up a few cool new tricks. We talked about Twitter (naturally), had debates about the cloud (seriously derailed there) and whether or not you should write code (procedures, functions, packages) directly in the database. Good times.

Jeff is a must see.

Of course there was an after party. I had planned on spending some more time with Jeff than I did, but I had production issues to take care of. Besides, I think he was busy napping. Anyway, Troy (SOUG President), the aforementioned Dan McGhan, Michael (I'm not allowed to print his real name, this is a family blog), myself and Jeff headed over to Ybor city. Jeff wanted a cigar and while in Rome...We sat outside of King Corona for an hour or two and chatted about lots of things. Jeff told us all the cool new features coming out in 12c (OK, I lied...we tried to ply him with beer but he wouldn't divulge any secrets).

No pictures for you today. I wasn't in a picture taking mode. I did try to take a panoramic of the presentation, but my phone/camera borked.

Oh yeah, Jeff yelled at me for replacing his kid's I put it back up (for at least a day).


Jeff Smith said...

In my head it was more of a gentle prod than a 'yell,' but it got results, so I can't complain.

oraclenerd said...

You heard a voice?

Unknown said...

Does that mean I have to come to SOUG to have my kids picture put back up? No worries man, it's all good :-)

oraclenerd said...


Yes. :)