Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pythian Acquires "Dude Who Gets Stuff Done"

Pythian, the world's leading remote DBA service company, has announced the (non-hostile) acquisition of John Piwowar.

Wait, Pythian didn't announce it, officially anyway...



Maybe it was John?

...Starting today, I begin the "on-boarding" process at Pythian, as a member of one of their ERP teams.
In a way, it feels as much like starting school as it does a new job. This move represents my biggest career challenge to date, and I
look forward to learning a ton (and contributing a ton) in the company of a lot of smart, talented people. Since I'm going to be packing
my brain full of new things over the next 3 weeks, I expect that the only blog activity here will be from pre-scheduled posts, drafts that
I'd been putting off finishing until recently. Once I'm up to speed on the new system, you'll hopefully be hearing more from me on the
Pythian blog!

I think it's obvious from John's post how excited he is. I am excited for him too. John's an awesome dude, sherpa (for me), protector (of me, from myself), and DBA.

Find John in the following locations:

- Twitter
- Blog
- LinkedIn
- oraclenerd

OK, this didn't turn out as funny as I had intended, whatever.

Great move for both parties. Can't wait to see what John does with the vast resources available to him now.

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