Friday, September 9, 2011

OBIEE 11g: Unresolved table: "**NONE**". (HY000)

Yesterday I was having problems simply converting the Usage Tracking catalog. It may or may not be related to having Web Tier (or any other non-OBIEE component) installed, I can't say with certainty though.

The reason that you have to convert/upgrade the Usage Tracking RPD/Web Catalog is because a pre 11g version was inadvertently shipped. Good news though, if you have upgrade issues like I've had, you can get an 11g copy of the RPD (both and on MOS. No upgraded web catalog though.

I managed to merge the Usage Tracking metadata into my RPD, then I was off to make the web catalog work. I copied the Usage Tracking web catalog over to the SampleAppLIte web catalog and tried to run it.

If you can't read that, it says:
[nQSError: 27004] Unresolved table: "**NONE**". (HY000)
I went in and played with the permissions, restarted the server, nothing worked. I kept getting the same message.

Twitter machine to the rescue.

I started to go through the criteria for one specific report.

The only thing that jumped out at me was that none of the folder qualifiers had quotes around them, like Measures."Some Measure". That's OK, because there is no space.

I replaced each and every criteria in the report, ran it, same error.

Wait, there's a filter.

Remove it.

The report runs.


So I went into Catalog Manager > Properties > Edit XML and sure enough:

I replaced **NONE** with Usage Tracking, reloaded the metadata (and bounced the server for good measure), and voila!

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Fede said...

I ran into the same problem, but in my case I didn't have something like you in the XML...
In my case, just by recreating 3 saved filter everything started to work normally (the filters are "End-User Queries Only", "Subject Area not equal to Usage Tracking" and "This Week")