Monday, September 19, 2011

The Exadata Mini - Exclusive Picture!

Early this morning ZDNet's Larry Dignan reported that Oracle would be announcing the "Exadata Mini" edition: Oracle's 'Exadata mini' would aim for midmarket

Well, through tireless research and a lot of hacking, I've found a picture of said machine:

Vern Troyer, the actor who plays "Mini-me" from the Austin Powers movies, stands 32 inches tall, which for the rest of the world, is 81.28 centimeters.

It stands at 20" tall, and as Mr. Dignan reports, this could fit under your desk.

If you're curious to know how Oracle was able to reduce the size...check out this video:

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Joel Garry said...

Ah, memories of the Alpha NT box warming my feet in the winter...