Friday, July 29, 2011

katezilla: 6.56

6.56. That's about how old the little monster is now. She'll be 7 in December. Wow.

Just about a year ago, she had been admitted to the ICU at St. Joseph's Children Hospital. She spent 7 days or so on a ventilator.

Fortunately for her (and us), she's been strong as an ox over the past year. No visits (knock on wood) since then.

There have been a few moments, oh shit moments; she's coughing or congested and we think "oh no..." but nothing serious enough to warrant a visit to the "Man in White."

Where do we stand?

Kate is still not talking, but is making progress, however slow it might be.

I learned today that she knows how to sign "sorry" (as she apparently stabbed her teacher with a pencil today and also smacked one of her friends).

She's still not able to walk up the stairs. That means I am safe, unless she decides to crawl. If I'm on a call around 3, I warn the other participants that I'm about to be attacked by a little monster.

Her hair is super long now and I try to put it in a pony tail every day. She doesn't care much for that, but I try.

She'll be in the 1st grade this year, which boggles the mind. First, she's old enough to be in first grade? Second, WhyTF is she in first grade?

Of course she still lights up a room. As Dad, I am her pressure there huh? Makes me happy though, tough to complain about that.

Someday I'll get around to starting her charity; currently, if you buy John Piwowar's eBook, that money goes to her. T-Shirt money does too. Let's not forget the tons of money I make from Google for hosting ads!

For now though, I just enjoy.


Aman.... said...

What else can I say this other that I am so happy for the little princess and I wish that she is going to remain completely fine in all the many years to come :-) .

oraclenerd said...

Thanks Aman!

bex said...

so... is the next milestone 6.60 or 7?