Tuesday, June 28, 2011

KScope 11: Day Uno

A few weeks ago I decided to rebuild my laptop. I never bothered to test the wireless connection at home, naturally. That leaves me carrying around a 4 pound brick plus the backpack...joy. I suppose it is good for my weight loss efforts.

Anyway, I am typing on a tablet so no links for you.

Like I mentioned yesterday, I had to be well rested for my first Cary Millsap presentation. I missed the keynote and apparently Don McMillan, an IT focused comedian. I mention that because later in the day, some super tall dude puts a camera in my face and starts asking questions...turns out it was Mr. McMillan. When I find the video I'll link it up.

Following that I had to head back to the hotel to deal with a small work emergency.

Then...a blur.

Oh wait, back to the conference...and the day's sessions were over. I walked around for a bit trying to find this fabled bar of 300 beers on tap. I couldn't find it, but I did find Kevin McGinley. He offered a beer, I accepted. (I was heading back to the conference hall to write up Sunday's events, so I was trying to be good.)

Seven rolls around which meant it was time for the Database Guru Panel:
Tom Kyte
Cary Millsap
Steven Feurstein

This was an hour and a half of answering questions from the audience, Yuri from Australia (via twitter) and Facebook. Of course I didn't miss the opportunity to ask this panel some questions.

Finally it was time for dinner (more beer) are the Congregation Ale House, which had a fine selection of beers I had not tried before.

Yay for KScope and ODTUG!


Jason H said...

Was it this place?
Haven't been there myself but I know people who have.

oraclenerd said...


Apparently so...I never did make it over there; if I didn't have direct line of sight or someone to sherpa me over, I didn't make it. Rock Bottom, The Auld Dubliner were both line of sight. Congregation Ale House I had sherpas, same goes for Queen Mary.

oraclenerd said...


He was very funny. I went to both his shows at the Queen Mary...truly one of my highlights of the event.