Thursday, February 24, 2011

katezilla and the EBS eBook

Did I mention that John and I published his awesome 52 part series on doing an EBS Vision install?

Did I mention that all proceeds go to katezilla?

I don't have to link to just the stuff I post here, she has her own Facebook page now (she's classified as a comedian, appropriately), with a vanity url:

That page comes complete with the oh so popular Like Box

Go ahead, Like katezilla. It's easy.

Did I mention that all proceeds go to kate?

I probably did. Technically, they don't go to her directly. They help us to pay for the care she needs. Currently, that consists of Behavioral Therapy (aka PT) which is about 4-5 hours a week. We'd like to do more of course as we believe her therapist has done wonders. We're trying to talk her into spending more time, closer to 10 hours per week. Have I mentioned that the therapists rates would make most of us blush, and we're in IT. Of course she is worth a heck of a lot more, I'm not complaining...I realize the importance of her work in comparison with mine. Her work will last a lifetime, if I'm lucky, mine will last a decade. Even if it did last a decade, it still couldn't even come close to matching the importance of what she does.

Then there's Kate's caretaker/nurselady (aka CT). What can I say, she's just awesome. We have the same situation with her...we would love to have her here more often, but it's near impossible. Perhaps when the house is paid for or the cars (close, very close). Or perhaps we win the lottery. I guess I have to play for that to happen though.

We've had tons of help from my parents, and to a lesser extent other friends and family, financially over the past 6 years. Nothing makes me tear up faster than someone offering to help like that. That people would offer up help, just because, is an amazing act of generosity and kindness. Someone recently complained that we didn't allow customers to order multiple copies of the eBook. I didn't get it at first...why would you want multiple copies of a PDF? Just make a copy.

Oh want to donate...OK, now I get it. I'm slow sometimes.

We've sold 12 books so far, which I consider a success. John is now a professional author and I am now a professional editor (well...). We just need to sell about 200,000 books to cover Kate's total bills over 6 years. I think we can do it. Lots of people need the EBS Vision install to make themselves a better worker, right?

Buttons would be helpful. :)

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