Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My New Typing Tutor

Twitter = Discovery Part LLLXMI (I just made that up, is it even a number?)

That's Rich, from the AppsLab. He works with Jake.

That link takes you here. You can read about the game here. I have a very vague understanding of the underlying technology, but I don't care. That thing is pure awesome.

I suppose that sounds a bit strange, and maybe it does, but I like typing. I take pride in typing. My mother made me take a typing class in 9th grade like 400 years ago and I remember being so mad at her for that. Then I got my first job doing data entry. Then I was thankful. Yes, I've thanked my mother...

So here's what it looks like:

The goal is to type the words/objects that are falling from the top. Each letter you press fires a shot. I couldn't get a great screen shot and play at the same time, but in play, it looks something like this.

My first few go-arounds weren't to bad, but I was working so I only had a limited amount of time and focus.

When I got more time, I got up to Level 25 before quitting to do some real work. 97.6% accuracy. Not too shabby.

I hereby decree this to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. Enjoy.


Don Seiler said...

Final score: 6715
Accuracy: 95.9%

fun game, but it can get old after 20 rounds. I was on wave 36 or 37 before my concentration started wandering.

oraclenerd said...

OK, I dislike you now.

I got 6076 points last night. I can't let the dude with really slow internet access win. :p

Tom said...

Final score: 6904
Accuracy: 95.7