Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Blog Slog

I've been blogging for a little over 40 months. Sometimes it feels as if I just started...and other times it feels like forever. Typical.

I had pondered a year end blog, so I was looking at Google Analytics to see how this year compared to years past. I realized that it wasn't always this...easy. The first year I would be lucky to get 5 or 6 hundred a month. Why not illustrate with some pretty pictures?

Here's what it was like that first year, 2007.

126 in a week. Wow. Hard to believe...now.

A nice bump there, comparing the same time period in 2008.

Not the same week exactly.

Finally, 2010 vs 2007.


Here's a snapshot of the numbers comparing 2010 with 2007.

I probably could have downloaded all this data and made pretty tables for you, but I'm lazy. Screenshots will have to do.

As far as this year's numbers, I think I have my roommate John Piwowar to thank.

He occupies 4 of the top 30 slots including 2 in the top 10...

I don't like him. I have written 659 posts; in one year and 4 posts, he has managed to...well, best me. I owe him at least $0.40 and a punch in the kidney.

Ultimately the point of this post is for those of you who might have just started and are feeling a little blue that no one comes and visits. I don't know what the magic formula is, but I hope this gives you hope. Of course it's not all about page views...but it is nice that other people actually read what you write. I talk to myself, but I like humans too. So, hang in there kitty.


SydOracle said...

Not sure why, but you're analytics details show up when I look at mine.


I think you are just trying to rub it in :)

oraclenerd said...

No, no, no...not trying to rub it in. I gave you access back when you posted so you could see how your post did. I considered you an owner at that point.

I am happy to remove it of course. :)

SydOracle said...

No, its fine. Gives me something to aim at.
I'm most jealous of those DBMS_CRYPTO and BULK COLLECT/FORALL posts from back in 2008 still pulling in lots of views.