Friday, December 17, 2010

Fun Day

Today was the day of my presentation.

Around 4:30 this morning, as I was trying to fall asleep, I had wondered whether I would wake up or not in time. I did, but it took me 2 hours to wake up from not sleeping much. I was a tad nervous. Fortunately I didn't have to get up in front of people, I just had to talk into the phone. The downside to that is that I was just talking into a phone.

I'm probably what you would call a "people person" and over my many moves as a kid, reading people is something I do fairly well. Not seeing them puts me at a disadvantage...but I digress.

The topic of my presentation was twitter and how it can be used to help you professionally. More precisely (and named by Ms. Malone), Professionally Speaking in 140 Characters or Less: How Twitter Can Help Your Career. I've benefited greatly from my use of twitter, I just want to share that with others in the hopes they they can find value out of it. A popular misconception of twitter is that people twit about taking a shit. Well, I haven't seen one person tweet about that...although I'm sure someone has. I like to think that I follow a classy bunch of folks.

Anyway, here is the final presentation, if you would like to download it. Here's the prezi twitter presentation, but it will be changing if not completely trashed.

While riding the high of my first presentation in almost 3 years, @surachart posted this:

A couple of months ago I had been contacted about a profile for Oracle Magazine. I wonder if this was the one?

Page can be found here. Online version of the magazine can be found here.

So, it was a super cool day for me. I celebrated by having 2 Sierra Nevada India Pale Ales (and unlocking 2 new badges) and then falling asleep (crashing) around 9:30 PM.


Jake said...

Awesome. Glad your beer taste is improving. Oh and that other stuff is neat too.

Surachart Opun said...

Excellence, I love your idea about working + social network.

oraclenerd said...


funny, societal pressure is forcing me too. i can't take all the ribbing.

oraclenerd said...


i've benefitted greatly from it, i only hope i can "sell" others on its use. :)

Joel Garry said...

lol'd when I mentally applied the tool statement in the last sentence of the magazine article to industry heavyweights. :-)


oraclenerd said...


lol...i hadn't even noticed that, nice catch. they're all tools! :p