Sunday, November 28, 2010

M&M's - Managers and Meetings

via Lewis Cunningham via Justin Levy. I've argued this for years, probably because I've been reading Jason Fried since 2005.


Unknown said...

I have used many tools in the past to circumvent the loss of productivity created by the M&M's of business applications such as Wiki, Mantis,Share point, One Note and Multiple CRM solutions all of which have there downfalls, none of them compare to the functionality and ease of use, and integration that Google Wave offers the problem is that google plans on discontinuing this application.

Does any one have experience with an alternative?

oraclenerd said...

I've used similar tools as well.

I tried out Wave when it was first introduced...but no one seemed to use it (at least no one I was connected with).

There is hope for Wave, apparently Apache will be taking over development.