Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Investing In Me

Today I finally received my new computer. I haven't purchased a desktop in...almost 10 years.

This one definitely goes beyond mere desktop though. I bought a ZU 4110 from ZaReason. It's billed as server class. Here are the specs:

Dual Xeon E5504 Quad-Core 2 GHz
24 GB ECC DDR3-1333 (Memory)
2 1 TB Hard Drives

Pretty sweet huh?

How about this?

Or this?

Probably, but I look at it as an investment in me. As I learn more and more about various Oracle tools, I want to install them and play around with them. If I want to be an architect, I should know and understand how they play together. Pretty easy decision, despite the cost. Oh yeah, that 24 GB RAM? Upgradeable to 96. Plenty of room to grow.

Now I should be able to easily fire up multiple VMs, say, one for the database that isn't underpowered. One for OBIEE on Linux. One for the OBIEE client tools on Windows. Perhaps my own WebLogic instance? Who knows.

Point is, I can play, without fear of hitting the limits of my computer. Of course having limits is good...sometimes. Teaches you how to conserve. No more conserving for me.

I'm now equipped with my own personal test lab...and a sauna to help me lose weight.

One last thing, I'll be offering up slices to help pay the bills. :)


jpiwowar said...

Hey, that rig will let you run EBS, too! Barely. ;-)

Martin Berger said...

No more conserving for me.

I give you time until Xmas - then you will lust for more (I assume memory and Disk-IOs will be the first)

Jay Weinshenker said...

it's pretty rare CPU is your limiter, it's memory when virtualizing and Disk IO for performance. Hope you've got at least a few drives and an SSD for the very heavy IO stuff

hillbillyToad said...

Let's see you run a TPC-H test and see just how fast those 2 disks are :)

oraclenerd said...


That was definitely a consideration. I'm actually slated to put together an EBS/OBIEE/OBIA/Informatica that's the reason I bought it. :)

oraclenerd said...


These are the types of things that I want to learn about. Never been a systems admin so I'm pretty green on the hardware side. My hope is this will allow me to better explore those types of things because I'll be putting more stress on the system. Before, I would never try to do to much because of the smallish machines I was using. (Yes, that's a back-asswards way of looking at it...I know)


Joel Garry said...

As my mother always used to say:

"You could buy a house for that much!"

Of course, she knew all about leveraging guilt :-)

Still, I paid $3K for my first computer - PDP 11/23 with dual 8" floppies. I also considered it an investment in me. It didn't pay off until I converted it to a 23+ with more memory and a hard drive. But you probably knew that since I said it before on theappslab and tkyte blogs.

Yes, I'm drooling over your new toy.

Tom said...

Shut it off when you aren't using it though just because of the heat and electric cost :)

How many drives could you install in it?

Hemant K Chitale said...

A "sauna" which will help you remove the pounds of flesh to pay the utility bills.
Fun aside.... what about the noise level ?
I have two "normal" desktops at home, one Dual Core Opteron and a Quad Core Intel. No Xeons. I don't have issues with noise from the current servers.
But am wondering what the noise would be from a "server class" desktop.

oraclenerd said...


It feels loud...but it was absolutely quiet in here before. I tried to record the sound, but I don't know how easy it will be to discern without something else to compare to. You can find it here.

oraclenerd said...


Up to 8 drives. Should be fun. Now I can put all those ones I have laying around the office in there, move the data, and finally destroy them.

oraclenerd said...


It's been a long time coming. I'll probably have it for 10 years though, if my last "desktop" was any indication. Swap out the IDE/SATA drives for SSDs and I've taken a nice leap forward.

Flexibility was the ultimate selling point for me. I can (and will) upgrade many of the parts. 2 Years will cost me ~$100 a month. 4 years ~$50. Which isn't terrible...especially if it allows me to learn.