Thursday, September 30, 2010

SQL Developer Goodie

I've been using SQL Developer since the Jurassic times when it was known as Project Raptor. Tonight I found some new goodness.

I am currently searching for a way to initialize an EBS session from SQL*Plus (or SQL Developer), in other words, not through the normal channels. If you try to query the database directly, you'll get nothing back because there is some application context stuff going on. (Note to self: Before going and saying there is no data in Table A, make sure there are no policies (VPD) or some sort of application context needed to access said table).

So I'm going through all these FND_ tables one by one to find the values I need. It gets a bit annoying though, because I would run one SQL statement and then another, and then go back to the first to see the results of the first one.

To combat this, I would open up 2 worksheets side by side, one to have the results of my first query and the 2nd to run my ad-hoc stuff that I would compare.

In the process, I noticed, for the very first time, these little green arrows at the top of the result set.

So I clicked on one...what's this? The results from the previous query? Awesome!

I'm sure it has a fancy name and I'm sure Kris Rice will tell us what it least I hope he does.


Anonymous said...

To activate this:

Oracle SQL Developer - Preferences - Database - Worksheet - tick the "Automatically Freeze Result Tabs"


oraclenerd said...

Thanks Pesi. I must have accidentally enabled it...via a shortcut key perhaps?

I had to reference your instructions this morning, very much appreciated.

hillbillyToad said...

That is a cool feature. Toad for Data Analysts keeps 5 result sets going, but Toad for Oracle only keeps current active set. I loves me some competition :)