Thursday, September 23, 2010

OOW 2010: Memes

1. If you asked me where I was from, I probably said "America's wang" this week. That's a nod to Homer Simpson. I keep trying to get LC to say that too.

2. John came up with "biological imperative" - it was repeated often.

3. Kidney punch. I "punched" Jake in the spine on Sunday evening and said "I just punched you in your kidney" - he then gave me a hard time about that for the rest of the week (I may have been drinking at the time)

4. I asked Jake where John was 42 times in one hour on Monday or Tuesday. I was annoying. I tried to do it as often as possible the rest of the trip.

5. Chen Shapira and "faxing" - awesome.

6. My fight with Stephen Hawking.

7. The IT Crowd. Some time ago, Jake posted These Are Our Users. It doesn't look like I left a comment, but I did send him an email about it. There was an episode where Roy and Moss play a joke on Jen, telling her the internet is this little black box. Anyway, watch the video.

8. The Piwowar Challenge - I had no idea how to say John's last name prior to meeting him in person. It was quite different from what I expected. Apparently the "w" is pronounced as a "v". Who knew? Next thing we knew, people were parrotting the PeeVoVar Challange. Awesome. Not quite sure who started it.

That's all I can remember right now. Feel free to remind me of others, as I'm sure I forgot a few.


Jeremy Schneider said...

i'm still laughing about the faxing incident.

oraclenerd said...

i'm just thankful chen was a good sport about it...rumor has it she called me evil. ;)

jpiwowar said...

Wow, I'm on the list twice! (2.5 times if you count #4) Go me!