Monday, September 20, 2010

OOW 2010: Fun with Pictures

On Saturday night John, Ben, and I ran into Dan Norris at the Urban Tavern, the bar in the Hilton. After scaring away the rest of his team, we sat down (or did I sit down first and then scare them away?).

Soon after Joe Leva showed up, spotted us through the window actually. I asked if he saw my ORACLENERD hat, he said no, that it was Dan's squared off conservative haircut that gave us away. Apparently Joe and Dan worked together at Piocon.

I've been re-introduced to Joe recently as someone at my client site worked there as well. Anyway...

I was trying to take a picture of Joe and John, and apparently he was taking a picture of Dan and I at the same time.

Please note the admiration that Dan apparently holds for me...I am quite honored.


Bradd Piontek said...

You sure the caption bubble over Dan's head doesn't read "Srsly, that is one huge head!!!!"

oraclenerd said...

yeah, i thought of that too..."admiring" is in my better interests though

Tom said...

You know, now that I think about it, your head is HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.