Wednesday, August 25, 2010

OBIEE 11g Install - Part I

As you may know, OBIEE 11g was released not too long ago.

I downloaded it the day it was available, and have been trying every since to 1, find the time to install it and 2, not break the install process.

Guest: Windows XP Professional (an old image I had lying around)
VirtualBox 3.2.8
Host: Ubuntu Karmic Koala
Memory: 1.5 GB

In short, my laptop.

I started with the database, 11gR2 32 bit for Windows. No problems there.

As is my MO, I didn't read the installation instructions the first time I fired up the OBIEE installation. I was quickly met with the database connect string. Easy enough, machine:port:service_name.

What's this? You want a specific user? Bollocks.

I let it rest for a couple of days.

Meanwhile, a colleague asked a question about which database he could use. I asked if a version was specified and then quickly scanned the docs. No specific mention of a I said Oracle XE, no 11gR2, no, XE, no, 11gR2. 11gR2, yeah, that's it.

That's when I finally decided to read the installation instructions...and found out I had missed one of the downloads.

Oh, you mean that one?

The Repository Creation Utility. Interesting.

I had heard that some of the new version would be database driven, I had just assumed (yes, I know about assuming) it was more RPD related (and it still may be).

Anyway, that took all of 15 seconds to install.

Back to the installer...and I don't learn any lessons, I tried to install it from my virtual folder, instead of from the "actual" disk. So, it took 4 times before I finally figured that out.

I copied the zip files to the disk, unzipped them and installed the sucker. By install I mean I am in step 12 of 13, Configuring BI Domain. That's the furthest I have gotten so I'm calling it a success.

Now to wipe the disk and start from scratch.


Anonymous said...

Memory: 1.5 GB

"all the WebLogic overhead means that you’ll need about 4GB of RAM if you’re installing OBIEE 11g on your laptop”


oraclenerd said... by "read" I meant "skimmed" and by "skimmed" I meant, I read the part about the RCU...and that's about it.

I will go back and read it, probably now, but many times I do need the context, installing it blind like this gives me that context.

Anonymous said...

The most I could do with a 3Gb Ram on my windows xp laptop was get BIP installed...once the database+weblogic+BIP is running on the laptop, the laptop becomes pretty much useless....and I thought 10gAS was bloated:-)

But seriously, my primary interest in BIP as a replacement for Oracle Reports and it seems with this release (11g), BIP is taking a step in the right (Oracle Reports) direction with the inclusion of Data Model and Layout editors...we shall see how/where this BIP thing evolves.


oraclenerd said...


I haven't had the opportunity to work much with BIP yet, some of my colleagues call it BI Punisher, so any improvement sounds like a good thing.

Anonymous said...

BI Punisher...FUNNY...I am going to use that if you don't mind:-)