Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Exadata Learning Resources

In a year or 2, this will be worthless as everyone will probably be sitting atop Exadata, aka the Oracle Database Machine (ODM), aka Oracle Exadata Storage Server.

Here's a list of some resources (mostly, ok, all blogs) if you're interested in reading up.

Kevin Closson [linkedin]
Occupation: Performance Architect at Oracle

Kevin by far, is the most detailed and prolific writer on Exadata. I won't link to individual posts because that would take to long so I'll just point you to his Exadata index.

Platform, Storage & Clustering Topics Related to Oracle Databases

Greg Rahn [twitter|linkedin]
Occupation: Principal Member of Technical Staff, Real-World Performance Group at Oracle Corporation

You may remember Greg from my Pithy Tweets post a couple of months ago. I've tried to keep up with him...he's just too pithy.

Structured Data (Exadata)
* X2-2 and X2-8

Dan Norris [twitter|linkedin]
Occupation: X-Team Member at Oracle


Unfortunately Dan doesn't blog much anymore on technical matters. I would assume that's because of his current position on the Exadata team at Oracle. Sucks for us.

Luis Moreno Campos [twitter|linkedin]
Occupation: Principal Sales Consultant at Oracle

I found this one today (not sure how I missed it).

ocpdba weblog on Exadata

Glenn Fawcett
Occupation: Senior Staff Engineer at Sun Microsystems Oracle, Inc.

I found Glenn's blog through the OraNa feed recently, specifically the Open Storage S7000 with Exadata… a good fit ETL/ELT operations. post.

I don't think he's quite transitioned all of his articles from his Sun site, so you can find some Exadata articles there. His new site is hosted on Wordpress.

Kerry Osborne [linkedin]
Occupation: CIO at Enkitec

I've read Kerry's blog previously, just missed him. Thanks to the famous John Piwowar [blog|twitter] for reminding me.

Kerry Osborne’s Oracle Blog (on Exadata)

(Have you ever seen Half Baked? Jon Stewart has a cameo as the "Enhancement Smoker" who has to do everything, "on weed." It's pretty funny. To me.)

The Data Warehouse Insider
   Jean-Pierre Dijcks
   Keith Laker

Lots of good information here.

Exadata SIG

I attended the COLLABORATE SIG back in...April I think. This is headed up by Shyam Varan Nath [linkedin]. He's running the Exdata (IOUG SIG) group on LinkedIn as well. (He's everywhere!)

Oracle Exadata

The main site for Oracle Exadata. Tons of great information here.

Following links provided by Robin [blog|twitter] via Cleese [blog] (and I'm awfully s   l   o   w   :OTN Exadata Forum h/t Dan Norris

I just returned from reading a few threads in that forum...a great resource. If you want to "talk" or ask questions to some of the people mentioned on this page, that's the place to go.

Tyler Muth [linkedin|blog]
Occupation: Solution Architect (at Oracle)

I've first read Tyler's stuff on AskTom a long time ago.

- Space Saved With Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression
- Exadata Cell Offload Processing
- Exadata Intelligent Storage
- Physical I/O Saved With Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression

h/t John Piwowar [blog|twitter]

A grand tour of Oracle Exadata, Part 1 by Marc Fielding

Frits Hoogland [blog|twitter]
Exadata Archive

There are definitely others out there, I know I didn't get them all. Feel free to link up a few in the comments and I'll make sure they get in this post.


oraclenerd said...

added. thanks John.

Dan Norris said...

There are also some good threads on the OTN Exadata Forum at

oraclenerd said...

Added. You've officially made up for your company sponsored silence. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey chet,

How about some of the bleedin' obvious (h/t Cleese) - Oracle's own Exadata resources:
· Oracle Database Machine homepage
· Oracle Exadata homepage

· FAQ: Sun Oracle Database Machine

· Data sheet: Sun Oracle Exadata Storage Server
· Data sheet: Sun Oracle Database Machine

· Whitepaper: Sun Oracle Exadata Storage Server and Database Machine
· Whitepaper: Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression
· Whitepaper: Backup and Restore for Sun Oracle Exadata and Sun Oracle Database Machine
· Whitepaper: Exadata Smart Flash Cache and the Sun Oracle Database Machine
· Whitepaper: Migration to Exadata

Cheers, Robin.

oraclenerd said...

thanks Robin. I is lazy. :)

jpiwowar said...

Hey, since you're aggregating, I just noticed that Tyler Muth (an APEX dude at Oracle) has a couple of recent posts re: Exadata:

oraclenerd said...

done and done. thanks JP.

Rich said...


I'm looking for someone who has used HCC on existing data and reclaimed the space. Can it be done without an outage?