Monday, May 10, 2010


by Alexis Kolak
I didn't have a whole lot of interaction with the IOUG staff (other than them giving me a hard time). I did meet a few of the volunteers.

Kudos to all the volunteers from every organization, thank you so much for giving your time to help make this event a success.

While IOUG's professional staff team play a big role in planning and managing COLLABORATE 10, it's really the volunteers who are the unsung heroes of supporting this volunteer driven event. These volunteers work tirelessly to provide their volunteer expertise and exhibit exemplary worth ethic to benefit their peers. These folks work all year round to develop content, determine session flow and provide the true community elements of what we know and love at COLLABORATE. Pictured from the conference committee include:

front row, left to right – Coleman Leviter, MaryKay Matelski, Michelle Malcher, Dan Vlamis, Peggy King, James Lui; back row - John King, Jon Wolfe, Tom Reddy, Craig Shallahamer, Dave Chaffee, Al Hoof

The "magic" that occurs is a combination of staff doing what they do best – providing the professional expertise and management for development, execution and operations with the partnership of the volunteer team. Although the staff team all have different roles, the most important part is that they work holistically onsite and in support of the community and their colleagues from OAUG and Quest. Not only do they work with their teammates, but their goal is to serve the entire community of attendees, whether they are OAUG, IOUG or Quest! We know the Oracle user community gets a lot of value out of COLLABORATE, and it makes all the time and effort involved worthwhile. Whatever role each person plays, we celebrate our successes together, and we're proud to have hosted a great 2010 conference. Here is a picture of IOUG staff and volunteers celebrating a successful COLLABORATE!

seated, left to right - Michelle Malcher, Judi Doolittle, Ian Abramson; standing - Todd Sheetz, Anne Waligora, Alexis Bauer Kolak, Carol McGury, Andy Flower, Dina Horwitz, Julie Ferry, Tom Reddy, James Lui, Coleman Leviter

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