Monday, April 26, 2010

Thomas Roach: Oracle's Latest Acquisition

In Dan Norris fashion, I am announcing the acquisition of Thomas Roach by Oracle Corporation.

I've had the please of knowing Mr. Roach since before moving to Tampa as he was the President of the local users group, Suncoast Oracle Users Group (SOUG). He's also helped me out numerous times in both an advisory role and...well, just getting stuff done for me.

A few weeks ago I got to help him by letting him rehearse his MAA presentation on me. That apparently sealed the deal for him. Oracle Corporation flirted with acquiring him late 2008, but didn't pull the cord.

I've been teasing him the last few weeks about anouncing him as the Tom Kyte successor, as he'll be working in the Public Sector group that Mr. Kyte worked for a few years back. He said he didn't want the "Rittman Effect" so I am playing nice.

Mr. Roach is a great guy and this position (whether Mr. Kyte's old job or not) is very well earned. Congratulations Mr. Roach. Perhaps you can help out Mr. Kyte with his small niche site...since you share the same name.

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