Thursday, April 22, 2010

COLLABORATE: OEM 11g and Podcast

It's about a wrap.


I finally managed to make it to the OEM 11g release session, which was just a satellite feed from New York that everyone else in the world could see. However, had some live Oracle people here to answer any questions after the presentation.

Unfortunately, I did not get their names as I was 40 minutes late.

I haven't used OEM in years so it was all new stuff to me. The additions did look pretty cool though especially the ability to drill down into specific applications to locate performance problems.

I stayed to listen to the questions people had as sometimes that's the most interesting stuff.

I then headed over for lunch with Mr. Floyd Teter and we were eventually joined by Dave Ferguson and his wife Paula. We ate at Burger Time which was quite good.

Mr. Teter's enthusiasm is infectious to say the least and his energy level is out of this world. It has been an absolute pleasure to get to know him in real life.

Somehow he talked me and about 10 others to join him in a podcast with Mr. Bob Rhubart of ArchBeat fame (and the best voice ever) to discuss our experiences at COLLABORATE 10.

In attendance:
- Elke Phelps
- John King
- Paul Jackson
- Mark Rittman
- Floyd Teter
- Dave Ferguson
- Gavin Whyte
- Srini Chavali
- John Nicholson
- me

Mr. Rhubart said that he would have it posted sometime next week. I'll link it up when it's released.

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