Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I managed to attend a session today.

It was probably made possible by:
1. The presenter kept calling me and hassling me (joking)
2. The presenter had laptop issues and asked if he could use mine in case his disintegrated during the presentation. (true story)

How to Enrich OBIEE UI Using Custom JavaScripting
by Sunilkumar "Sunil" Ranka [ blog | twitter ]

The basic gist of his presentation was that if you can understand HTML and how a page is rendered, you can do just about anything you want with the page.

A couple of examples he walked through:

- How To disable hyperlink for Value Interaction column
- What-If Analysis needs JavaScript on OBIEE
- Using Breadcrumbs on drill down reports (unfortunately, no link)
- Way To Solve Multiselect Prompt Bug - Mr. Ranka did not actually get to this one, but it's definitely worth sharing.

Sadly I didn't write down the rest of the examples.

Not only was I the "AV geek", I was also the collector of names/business cards for prizes to be handed out at the end.

I did like the reminder that this is just HTML and if you know JavaScript (I don't...not well enough anyway), manipulating pages in OBIEE is relatively simple.

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Anonymous said...

Hi This blog looks very cool , Is there any ref book for this OBIEE with Javascript