Monday, March 22, 2010

Random Things: Volume#17

If you ever wondered where Volume #15 went, so do I. I seemed to have skipped it. Apparently I can't set the DEFAULT property of my surrogate key equal to a sequence.nextval just yet.

Database as a Bit Bucket
Some of you may recall last weeks article titled, The Case for the Bit Bucket. In that regard, I found a couple of good articles (hat tip Gary) worth reading by Dennis Forbes:
Getting Real about NoSQL and the SQL-Isn't-Scalable Lie
Getting Real about NoSQL and the SQL Performance Lie

One of those examines Diggs recent move to Cassandra.

I'm in week 11 of 12 of my first full-time consulting gig. I could do without all the travel, but it has been fun. I miss the family of course, but a job is a job. Consulting itself I enjoy because you (mostly) get to stay out of the politics and just perform a specific task. I've even been able to expand that a little helping out with some APEX debugging.

I recently moved over to the Google Custom Domain from FTP publishing. It was something I kept putting off (FTP is being turned off) but finally took the plunge. The one thing I really like about it, no more waiting for the posts to publish. Their instantly available.

I have been storing images at Picasa for the last year or so, so image links (at least those that fell in that time period) didn't break. I was storing as much as possible on either Picasa, Google Docs or Google Code. I did have to put all css inline, until today, when I figured out how to reference it in Google Docs.

The only other annoyance was the path for labels changed. It was and now it is

If you do see something is broken, let me know and I'll fix it as soon as possible.

Oracle OpenWorld
The deadline passed to submit your paper(s). I decided not to submit my "presentation" How to Use Social Media to Increase Productivity. I'm not sure why either. I will still try to attend as a blogger however...and do plan on having the ability to go this year. My employer has already offered to pick up travel for COLLABORATE 10 in Las one way or another.

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