Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Code Comment WTF? Part 209

Found this in a snippet today:
-- ********************************
-- End of Package Body

END package_pkg ;
Seriously? Was that necessary? Could I possibly be under the illusion that it is not the end of the package?

Stop it.



Jeffrey Kemp said...

Without the comment, one might have thought that was the end of the package spec - the comment saves all the work of scrolling up to see what one is looking at :)

moleboy said...

Here's one I saw not that long ago.

--get wonum, changedate, description --from workorder
cursor getWorkorder is
select wonum, changedate, description from workorder

Clever Idea Widgetry said...

-- BEGIN comment

/* I think you are missing the point
* because you think that anything
* less than commenting everything
* that could be commented upon is
* simply not going to cut on my
* development team.

-- END comment

moleboy said...

Could be worse...
you could have comments like

/*do some stuff*/

jpiwowar said...

Comment WTFs are fun. I used to leave comments like this in my own code:

# Someone is going to hate me for this later.
# That someone is likely to be me.

John T said...

I think TOAD or something generates those stupid little comments...