Wednesday, March 24, 2010

1Z0-052 - Administering User Security


Create and manage database user accounts


Grant and revoke privileges

GRANT SELECT ON table_01 TO jkuramot;

REVOKE SELECT ON table_01 FROM jkuramot;

Create and manage roles


Create and manage profiles

A profile is a named set of resource limits and password parameters that restrict database usage and instance resources for a user. You can assign a profile to each user, and a default profile to all others. Each user can have only one profile, and creating a new one supersedes and earlier version.

Profiles are used to manage the resource limits of related users.

Profile resource limits are enforced only when you enable resource limitation for the associated database. Enabling this limitation can occur either before starting up the database (using the RESOURCE_LIMIT initialization parameter) or while it is open (using the ALTER SYSTEM statement).

Though password parameters reside in profiles, they are unaffected by RESOURCE_LIMIT or ALTER SYSTEM and password management is always enabled.



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