Sunday, February 21, 2010

SOUG: SQL Developer Unit Testing

This week the Suncoast Oracle Users Group will be hosting Syme Kutz, Senior Architect for Database Tools at Oracle.

I received Syme's bio (from Syme of course). It's pretty impressive...
I started working at Oracle in October of 1995 in the Systems Performance Group of Consulting under Cary Millsap.

I then spent 8 years tuning the Database and Oracle Applications. My Experience tuning application lead me to work with Max Schierson fixing and Tuning iStore. I left consulting and moved into Applications It working for Max at Headquarters were our focus was building custom applications to better facilitate oracle policies and programs. I built custom applications until a position opened up on APEX the development team. After rebuilding the Database management side of APEX, Kris Rice and I began the Sql Developer project. When the group split and Sql Developer became a product I followed. I have been a developer on Sql Developer since then building various functionality, such as reports and Unti Testing.
We "found" Syme through Kris Rice who unceremoniously offered his services up on Twitter.

After much wrangling and negotiating, we finally managed to talk Syme into coming down from Orlando.

According to Kris, Syme was heavily involved with the new Unit Testing functionality of SQL Developer. We all know how much testing us database folks do, so it makes perfect sense right?

Anyway, if you're in town and Thursday, please come by and check out Syme's presentation, it should be very interesting.


Clever Idea Widgetry said...

I was going to offer up myself for a presentation, but then I thought all my NSFW power point slides on the nature of database arousal wouldn't have gone over well.

oraclenerd said...

I don't might help increase (giggle) attendance.

Unknown said...

unceremoniously ? That's as official as it gets from me :)