Sunday, January 3, 2010

My EBS Install Saga - Part II



After just a little over a month, I've finally gotten this stupid thing installed. Read a bit of my prior trials and tribulations here.

In total, I believe this cost me about $250.
  • $80 - 320 GB Hard Drive which I didn't use for this install (but meant to)
  • $100 - 1 TB hard drive which I did use for this exercise.
  • $70 - Amazon EC2 usage. Most of the $70 is because I used a 26 ECU machine (8 dual core CPUs, 64 GB RAM)
The EC2 expenses are high mostly because I spent more time connecting and such than actually doing any work. When you have a powerful machine, work is easy (and justifiable). I could download a 1.5 GB file in 3 seconds...well, it seemed like 3 seconds. Plus, I was learning how it all worked.

As far as disk space goes, I didn't have any. Maybe a total of 300 GB to start spread on 3 different disks.

Now I need one of those big ass workstations so I can actually work with this software. Sadly, as I have priced them out, I can't get under $4K. Anyone from HP or Dell (or Apple) reading? Wanna give me one of your workstations? I'll blog about it...a lot.

I followed John's instructions to the letter. I received the same error screen as he did

error screen

Checked the logs as instructed, found the problem
error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
The only errata I've found is that mine was a 32 bit system and not a 64 bit system...but who cares? It works.

I followed his instructions to create the symbolic link...I would never in a million years been able to figure that out.

I'm fortunate to have used the 9i and 10g Oracle Application Server and OC4J extensively in the past, I just need to figure out where everything is located.

My goal is 2 fold
  1. Create a test environment with EBS, OBIEE and OBIA
  2. Prove (or disprove) a theory about integration with APEX I have
That means I need to have room (memory) to run another VM. Not for APEX, but for the OBIEE/DW space.

Very first thing I did was go into the database init file. I changed the sga_target from 1G to 512M and I changed the pga_aggregate_target from 1G to 512M.

Next up, I'll be trimming some of the memory allocation for the OC4J instances...but not yet. I'm just going to bask in the glow of finally getting this thing done.

I'll also read up Part 3 of John's Install Guide and Part 4 will be coming out this week, probably tomorrow afternoon.

John, you are the man! Thanks!

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