Monday, November 9, 2009

It's Official

I got my ACE profile posted on Oracle:

I tried to get them to use the entire photo, but alas it wouldn't happen:

Can't blame me for trying.


Surachart Opun said...


Look At Nice ;)

Jake said...

Congrats. Love the photo, even better if you'd staged it to look like you were being held upside down, by rotating it. Anyway . . . keep on rockin.

Michael McLaughlin said...


Michael McLaughlin said...
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PLSQL Mike said...

Dang Chet!! Don't you know how to hold a baby?!
Seriously ... you need to get away from Oracle for a few minutes and spend some time with your kids: the head goes UP. Feet down. You know, just like a grown up.
But it's obvious you love the child :-)
Or as they say in my country, "Muchas Felicitaciones!!"

Joel Garry said...


Talk about upside down... google ads served up sql server magazine for this post.

Dan McGhan said...

Congrats bro!

DukeGanote said...

You go, ACE!