Friday, October 9, 2009

T-Shirts: In The Wild

Since OOW has started and the Oracle Ace Directors have received their schwag, I figured I'd dedicate a page for the slideshow.


Bradd Piontek said...

Maybe we can rename this:
"Billy Cripe: In the Wild".
Can we get a music track as well?

oraclenerd said...

re: billy cripe
I thought the same thing...though I'm still waiting for the ORACLENERD shirt with the kilt.

I'll check on music...any suggestions?

Bradd Piontek said...

re: Music. I'm thinking, hmm, I'd like to teach the world to sing...

Marius said...

i totally forgot to by shirt.

Bradd Piontek said...

Or, on a serious note.
Guaranteed, Eddie Vedder, Into the Wild Soundtrack :)

oraclenerd said...


it's never too late! besides, there is always next year. :)

oraclenerd said...


a serious note? what's that? ;)

good song...i want to cry now. searching for slideshow which will allow me to add music and embed.

jpiwowar said...

+1 for the Into the Wild soundtrack. That's good stuff.