Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oracle OpenWorld: 2009

Starts in a little more than 2 I won't be there, but what can you do?

The OOW traffic has increased significantly over the last couple of days:
Twitter is abuzz (official hashtag is #oow09), the Oracle blogoshpere has (finally) picked up.

I'm not going to link up to everyone in the world again because I'm pretty sure all of you know what you're doing during this time...which leaves just 3 people to read along with me. (It feels like that anyway). This was my last post with all kinds of informative links.

OK, one link. George Woods seems to have come out of nowhere...he's now compiling a list of Tweeple/Tworgs (?) who will be attending. From what I can tell, there is no official meet-up for Oracle Tweeters, but George is trying very hard to get something going.

I'm definitely going to miss the opportunity to meet all these virtual friends. Next year for sure.

For the 3 of you who aren't going, don't forget OpenWorld Live, it's just like being there!

To everyone who is going; I hope you have a great time and get everything (and more) out of it you can. Drink a beer and take a swim for me.


Stephen said...

In case you want an early look, we're testing Oracle OpenWorld Live now.

oraclenerd said...

very cool...thanks!