Tuesday, October 13, 2009

OOW 09: Day 2 Wrap Up

The sheer volume of information coming out of OpenWorld is astounding. There are thousands of tweets and maybe close to 100 blogs per day. For those of us not there, it's pretty easy to stay informed. So here's today's roundup:

Two from Rittman Mead:
Beginning Day 2 at OpenWorld by Stewart Bryson
Open World 2009 – Monday & Tuesday – BI Applications Released by Venkatakrishnan J

Jonathan Lewis on Richard Foote's Unconference session (very few questions about David Bowie apparently).

To complete self-referential integrity, I give you Richard Foote's Oracle OpenWorld 2009 - Day 2 Highlights.

Chen (or is it Gwen?) Shapira, aka prodlife, tells us the Most Important Thing I've Learned at OOW09, which includes a reference to Jonathan Lewis. BTW, she asked me to create a shirt for her...and I still haven't heard back from her yet. If you see her, tell her it's here:

Arup Nanda, who doesn't blog nearly enough for my tastes (yes, I know he writes elsewhere), has OOW Day 2.

Here's another wrap-up from Monday by Dave at Experiences as a new Oracle Apps 'DBA'.

Dain Hansen talks about 1. Umbrella. 2. Espressos and the Innovation Across the Stack at the Data Integration and Management blog.

Alexander Kornbrust shares his thoughts on his SQL Injection Presentation.

Tim Hall talks about...Today's Oracle WaterWorld Sessions...

As far as Twitter goes, it was raining. Dan Norris was talking about Exadata. More rain. Michael Dell spoke today. Something about virtualization. The Blogger meet-up was relocated...due to rain.

Found this video via Mr. OTN, Ted Farrell the Chief Fusion Architect at Oracle

If you want to see the list of Oracle press releases during the event so far, check them out here.

And the (late) wrap up from Jake which is quite amusing. I think his style should catch on more...

One from Jared Still, a "Certifiable Perl Evangelist" or is it just certifiable?

Courtesy of fourquare, I was able to find some people I know as well:

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