Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Free Oracle Developer/dba

There is a serious lack of work in the Tampa market and desperate times call for desperate measures.

Now, I've always wanted to do this, but was never in a position to do so financially...I'm still not, but something is way better than nothing.

I'm going to offer my services for free.

Not forever mind you, somewhere between 2 and 4 weeks. It is negotiable.

If it works out, i.e. you like what I can bring to your organization, I prove that I pick new systems up quickly and I fit in well with your team; and I like working in your organization, then you pay me for that time worked and I sign up full-time either as a permanent employee or some sort of contract.

If it doesn't work out, we part ways and no one is worse for wear. You get free work from me and I get to experience a new environment (i.e. meet new people, expand my network, etc).

You can view my resume here (permanent link up top coming soon).

Some basic highlights:
PL/SQL: Expert (I don't like that term)
DBA: Junior to Mid-level (or DBA in lowercase, "dba")
APEX: Worked with up to version 3.2, admittedly rusty, but passionate about the product.
Design: Love modeling data. Model just about everything in my head (in normal life). Use Visio extensively for visual representations. Experience with SQL Developer Data Modeler, ERwin, etc.
Documentation: Give me a wiki or something similar and I'll document just about everything that I do.

That's it. Contact info is on my resume or up top on the "email" icon.

It's now posted on craigslist as well.


Robert said...
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Matelot said...

Oracle dev here too.

wow man, it's so bad around your neck of the woods eh ? maybe you should move.

Strictly Oracle dev job - unless you the market is slow but I can't imagine you can not find a DBA job.

John T said...

Could use some help on log4ora... ;-)

Kellyn said...

Come to Colorado, I'll find ya a job! Your wife and the kids will love it out here! :D

oraclenerd said...


I did the next best thing, I move, family stays put. :)