Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oracle OpenWorld

Eleven days out now...I'm still a bit bummed that I won't get to attend.

I have been...well, I can't help, but follow along.

What To Do?
There should be more than enough to do while there. A full week of learning, networking, schwag, boozing...I mean networking.

Wow, how could I forget...the Appreciation Event. Aerosmith, Three Dog Night, Roger Daltrey, Shooter Jennings and The Wailers (of Bob Marley fame). (Thanks Justin for reminding me).

Joe D'Alessandro, President and CEO of the San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau located just steps from Moscone Center, lists the top 10 things to do around the Moscone Center. Part I is here, Part II is here.

Alex Gorbachev is organizing the Blogger Meet-up. Strangely, I have heard/read hardly a peep about bloggers that are going on the blogger pass. I'm pretty sure Fuad Arshad is going on the pass...but that's the only one I am aware of. I don't doubt there are others...just haven't seen any related posts or tweets to that effect.

Chris Muir is helping to organize the ADF Enterprise Methodology Group Meet-up. Chris informs me that Siman Haslam is doing much of the work.

Bob Rhubart has the enterprise architects, Enterprise Architecture Meet-Up

Not sure how I missed the Apex meet-up...find information here. I'll definitely miss that one as I believe almost all of those guys and gals owe me beer.

Unconference, which seems to have become quite popular since it's inception in 2007.

Application Express, my how that has grown since I began using it in 2005. WIN!

How about something on Solaris? Anything from Sun?


Some XMLDB from Marco Gralike?

BI Publisher

The CRM blog lists out all of their sessions by...ummm...everything:
Business Intelligence
Financial Services
Sales Productivity
Public Sector
Education and Research

Exadata events can be found here (pdf).

Here is the OOW 09 page on the Oracle Wiki. Of course much of this information can be found via the official Oracle OpenWorld blog.

Finally, check out OpenWorld Live if, like me, you won't be attending. Looks like there are some pretty cool sessions to check out there as well.


Chris Muir said...

Thanks for the plug on the ADF EMG at OOW, appreciated. Small note to say that Simon Haslam is doing most of the hard work this year in organising the ADF EMG, and doing an excellent job I might add.



John Scott said...


Sorry you're not going, I'm sure you still owe me a beer ;)

Anyway just a quick note to say there's also an APEX Meetup arranged -


oraclenerd said...


not a problem. updated the post to reflect simon's involvement. don't have too much fun!


oraclenerd said...


i have no idea how i missed that. my only excuse owe me a beer. :)

Unknown said...

Ummm, OTN Night?

oraclenerd said...

justin...not sure how i forgot that one. yikes. aerosmit, roger, food and beer!