Tuesday, September 1, 2009

No OpenWorld For Me: Part II

To say it has been a crazy week or so would be a gross understatement.

Last week, I bowed out from the race to attend Oracle OpenWorld.

Two days later, Justin then Jake then Billy (and here) started a movement to get me there.

All of this in conjunction with 100+ tweets and re-tweets on Twitter. Bradd even got his shirt today. He was one of the first of 15 so far to make the purchase...ostensibly to get my fat ass (Bradd didn't say that) to San Francisco and OOW.

Here's some of the backstory, which Jake alluded to in his post.

The night after Part I, I went to my parents begging for money. Our mortgage was nearly a month late. When I got home that evening, I saw Justin's post and subsequent tweet...I easily separated the 2 events in my head. Borrow money from parents != Community supports my efforts to go to OOW.

Easy right?

Then it came down...How could you do that when you just borrowed money?

I think you know where this is headed.

Unless I win the lottery so that I can pay back all those I owe, I will not be attending OOW this year.

While I think my T-Shirts are really cool, I know many of you (all?) bought them to help me get there. I could not take that money in good faith.

I'd like to donate it to something or someone. It's not a lot, approximately $100 as of right now.

I would like your help in deciding.

I'll repeat myself, to say that I've been humbled by these events would be a gross understatement. Thank you so much for your support...


Bradd Piontek said...

You are so fickle. Maybe we can have a phase 2 of "get Chet to OpenWorld"!!!

I have no issue with you taking any money to pay down your debt. Heck, use it to buy some good beer and forgot your troubles for a bit.

Hang in there, mate!!!

John Piwowar said...

The ORACLENERD->OOW campaign was just a convenient excuse for me to get off my butt and finally order a shirt. I'm a sucker for a cause and all, but "get ORACLENERD shirt" had been on my to-do list for eons anyway.

I'm with Mr. Pointek. If you feel a need to donate my portion of the t-shirt margin, I recommend "Chet's good beer Fund." Between me and Bradd, you're now up to a sixer of something decent. :-)

Oracle Mike said...

Chet, Chet, C-H--E---T-!!-!
Yeah, I got my shirt, too.
Was this whole thing a ploy of some kind? I have a thing about being a walking billboard from somebody else's creations (you know, Polo, UnderArmor, etc.). OK, I get sucked in and down into the vortex of consumerism every now and then ...
I don't know what this has to do with anything unless I'm thinking you might be starting your own "Oraclenerd" fashion line. (I want royalty payments if you do, now that I've given you the idea!!)
But seriously, anybody that supported you supported you because we BELIEVE in you and want the BEST for you and your career and anything else you care about.
So whatever you need or wanna do with the money, my portion at least, do whatever that is at will. If you need a night on the town, let me know where and when you'll be and I'll come and add more to it.
Like Bradd said, "Hang in there mate!" (Is he Australian?).
Mike Kemp

oraclenerd said...


please don't say there will be a phase 2. knowing me, there will be.

isn't natty light good beer?

Thank you sir.

oraclenerd said...


hofbrau perhaps?

last time i drank that i got a bit silly. you can't (shouldn't) drink it like you do a good ole natty light!

oraclenerd said...


thanks for getting a shirt...I hope it's because you thought it was the coolest thing around!

a ploy? i don't know, i think i'm getting carried away with the creation of t-shirts (The Bit Bucket and Database-Geek vs ORACLENERD), but i attribute that more to the face that i'm trying to learn GIMP. or so i say...:)

is bradd australian? funny you should ask. the other day i caught him spelling "color" "colour". in the past i have seen him refer to collect as "university." he's also called me a slag. he's just a good old mid-western boy though with great hair.

and thank you for the kind words. we'll definitely have to get together one of these evenings...


DomBrooks said...

I haven't bought one... yet... but how about a new t-shirt design/strapline along the lines of "I wanted Chet to go to OOW but all I got was this lousy T-shirt"

Tom said...

How about a shirt that has a face screaming (not smiling) with the Phrase "Chet Happens"

justicechet58@gmail.com said...

As Chet's proud father, I like Tom's idea of "Chet Happens." I am a Chet, too, and when I sat down for my first meal with my future mother-in-law, she asked: "Would you like some more chicken, shit?" Yes, Chet Happens!

Tom said...

I know I should just stop... but I can't!

How about a shirt that says, "I survived Chet's blog and all I got was this lousy shirt." :)

oraclenerd said...


will this do?


you'd be surprised at how often i tell that story, especially in regards to having that be the littlest chet's first word.

Unknown said...

I have not heard him say that word lately, but he has a bunch of others in his arsenal.

John Piwowar said...


Hofbrau Maibock is good beer. Well done. :-) Some of the Hofbrau's brews aren't my preferred style, but they're all quality.

Also, the "Chet happens" shirt almost cost me a laptop...nearly a coffee-spray moment. Saw it in the shop before I saw the additions to the comment thread, which made it even better. Priceless.

Anonymous said...

Keep the money pal !!!

Joel Garry said...

I second Bradd's post.

What so many don't get, it's the honesty that counts.

And I like the shirt.

oraclenerd said...

Thanks Joel.

I hope you get one and send me a picture. ;)