Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blame Drew's Cancer

If you haven't heard of it, go here. I hadn't heard the story until Jake mentioned it to me.

Here's the short of it, this guy, Drew, finds out he has Hodgkins Lymphoma, Stage 3. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he starts this...well, movement. The essence of the movement is to blame everything on his cancer. If you use Twitter, tell us what happened, and then use the hashtag #blamedrewscancer.

The example provided: I lost my keys today. #blamedrewscancer

Simple huh?

It will eventually show up on BlameDrewsCancer.com (some fancy technology thing).

Check out Blame-a-Thon as well.
When Drew beats Cancer we hope to have sponsors that will donate a dollar for every participant to our partner, LIVESTRONG.
It reminded me of myself post Kate incident. I'd jokingly try to get away with all kinds of stuff saying something to the effect of, "But my daughter is in the hospital, she almost died."

I'm pretty sure I didn't use that until she was actually home though and well on her way to recovery. I'm also pretty sure I used it for quite some time at work after that. Apparently it didn't work too well for me. :)

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