Monday, July 27, 2009

Who's Going to OOW 09?

I am!

Who says Twitter is useless?

You can find more details about Oracle Open World here. Truthfully, I didn't get this one through Twitter, I went through the official channels and registered as a blogger.

I did annoy the heck out of @oracleopenworld.

So I owe a few people beer? It's a modest trade-off to get to attend OOW. Plus, I tend to go to the free places and buy them beer there. Makes life easier.

Now all I need is airfare and hotel accomodations in San Francisco. Anyone want to sponsor for a few months? ;)


jpiwowar said...

Well done! Too bad I won't be there to give or receive free beer, but there's always 2010...

Unknown said...

I'll be presenting session S309374 (Giving Your Persistent Storage “Memory” with Oracle Coherence) and I'll also be at S309125 (How to Extend Your Oracle Coherence Java Data Grid to .NET)

oraclenerd said...


There's always the winter trip to sunny Florida.

oraclenerd said...


They are on my to-do list now. Thanks for keeping me up to date.