Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Join the ORACLENERD Family - II

Part I can be found here courtesy of Jake [ blog | twitter ].

I had been thinking about this for a few months now, but I can't seem to recall the initial inspiration. In May, I asked Tiffany Morgan to do a guest post here and she came up with the ever popular, Top Ten Grammatical Errors That Make People Look Stup—Silly.....

I asked a former colleague a couple of months ago to write an article based on a short presentation he gave at work on XML Schemas (with constraints and everything!).

Now I'm asking you.

Good question. In my correspondence with Jake he asked me what my goals were:
What's your goal? Drive traffic? Increase content? Broaden what's covered? Post less? World domination?
Definitely the last one, World Domination.

Honestly though, I hadn't thought about it.

In talking with a couple of people tonight, I think I have a better idea now.
  1. I like to share.
  2. I want others to share.
OK, maybe it wasn't as thought out as I thought.

To Jake's questions
Drive Traffic? - Not so much. Admittedly, I check Google Analytics more than once a day. I'm fascinated by the traffic. Especially cool is the city overlay map, where I can see people from all over world have visited this site.

Money (my question)I've made $73.27. August will be 2 years. I have 294 posts.
  1* SELECT ROUND( ( 73.27 / 294 ), 3 ) money FROM dual
2 /

It's not about money. I still just want that $100 check from Google, then I'll decide about the ads. Sure, traffic may go up with guest posts, but I don't think it's reasonable to expect to make money at this.

Increase content?
Yes! That would be awesome. That can't be a bad thing.

Broaden what's covered?
Absolutely! My world lies in the database. Oracle owns about 16 million products now. I'd love to have more exposure, however small, to those technologies.

Post less?
No. I like writing. It's cathartic to me. Helps me communicate my ideas better when I have to spell them out...so no, I don't plan on going anywhere.

World domination?
Who wouldn't want this?

Why? Part II
In the 4 or so years I've been reading blogs, many have come and gone. The esteemed Mr. Kyte has posted 13 times this year. 13. Not that I blame him or anything, I never could understand how he could answer all those questions (repeatedly) and still have time to blog. I'm not calling him out...I get "life."

In that regard, maybe it would be easier for some to just contribute here? First, it's not OTN so you don't have to come up the most amazing idea ever. B, it's casual. Third, maybe it will inspire you to start your own blog (on Oracle). I would love that. I would love to be a part of that.

In conclusion (I always hated having to say that), think about it. If you are in the least bit interested, drop me a line chet at oraclenerd, or tweet me @oraclenerd, or whatever. Even if I can help you get your own started, I'd be happy to do that. Perhaps you just started and you want (slightly more) exposure? Write it up here and we'll link back to you.

Lastly, I don't have defined rules. I don't really want them either. I've suggested the WTFPL license, which is should be just fine.

Problems, issues, flames, thoughts? Bring 'em on!


Jake said...

I love the first, b, third nugget. Classic.

oraclenerd said...

I had to have a little fun right?