Friday, June 26, 2009

Oracle Concepts

Years and years of reading AskTom, if there's one thing that I really come away with, it's read. RTFM. Specifically though, he's telling everyone to read the Concepts Guide. Paraphrasing:
If you can get a good look at the Concepts Guide by sticking your head...
That's not the one.
If you read the Concepts Guide you'll have 10% of the knowledge that 90% don't have.
If 90% of the people would read 10% of the Concepts Guide, they'd be able to program in C...?
Seriously, I need help.

If you do know the saying I'm talking about, please share. I can't seem to find it anywhere.

Ultimately it doesn't matter what was said. I'm reading the Concepts Guide again, browsing through it really, trying to find something new. Then I noticed this:

I know it's a "feature" and all, but does it have to be so prominently displayed? Couldn't it be buried in the Appendix of the PL/SQL Guide or something? This is especially important since Mr. Kyte is telling all the new people to read the Concepts Guide.

Perhaps the new people figure it out, the ones that have read the Concepts Guide anyway. I've run across too many "experienced" database developers that can't create apps without them. My guess is that they have barely hit any of the documentation, let alone the Concepts Guide.

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