Friday, May 29, 2009

ORACLENERD T-Shirts in the Wild

I had a few shirts printed up for COLLABORATE 09, 15 of them to be exact. Yes Jake, I still owe you one. It's on the counter and I blame my wife.

One of those shirts I gave to Chuck Meyers who was the OAUG rep for Williams Mills. He was the "handler" for Jan Wagner. Chuck had asked for the shirt to give to Sarah Wroble, who was my initial contact with William Mills and who could not make it to the event. I only had XLs, but Chuck said she could probably use it as a night shirt or something.

Since that was the intended purpose, I didn't really want to ask for a picture in her ORACLENERD T-Shirt, lest she think me a complete pervert. I asked anyway, but somewhat tactfully.

Here are the results:

First up, Sarah Cannon

Chuck Meyers

And finally Sarah Wroble, who said, "don't judge the orange skin...didn't realize the photo shoot would take place that day and went spray tanning the day before." No judging here.

Thanks Sarah, Sarah and Chuck for being such good sports. You are the first!


Sarah Cannon said...

I attended Collaborate in 2007, and if I'd had your shirt then I would have worn it.

Bradd Piontek said...

I think I need a dependency view to follow that chain of re-gifting of the T-shirt.

When I order my shirt (Would be cool if it came in dark blue and white lettering, or red and white lettering) you can be sure I'll have all kinds of photos of it in the 'wild'.

oraclenerd said...


If only I could go back in time.

Next run of shirts I print, I'll send one to each of you.

Thank you again!


oraclenerd said...


hah. I thought the same's just a commodity t-shirt though, anyone can wear it. ;)

I'll work on setting up your request. @cristaunity gave me a great image to work with some time ago.

Aman Sharma has also agreed to take a picture when he receives one in front of his local, coolest, national monument.

Kris said...

Technically, I was the first to wear the shirt out in the "wild" and the first to wear it as a nite shirt...where is my foto?

oraclenerd said...


Technically, you are correct.

We'll take a picture this evening (stop it perverts!).

Clever Idea Widgetry said...

The white t-shirt over the dress shirt and tie is so very "Oracle Conclave 2009" :)

Tom said...

If I can model a shirt, make sure it's not too small. Would hate for you to see my man boobs through my shirt LOL.

JK of course *eye roll*