Tuesday, May 5, 2009

COLLABORATE 09: Day 1 (Wrap-up

The exhibitor hall opened up at 5 PM (EST). I've been to two conferences so far...Open World (2002) and this one. Wow. All the cheap schwag I could handle, including 2 really annoying monkeys that make really annoying sounds (which will eventually drive me crazy, but not yet). Sushi. Indian food. All the (brie) cheese I could ever want. Beer.

The last being the most important of course. Beer. Mmmmmm...beer.

I walked around for an hour and couldn't find anyone. Finally, I took off my "nice" shirt to display my ORACLENERD shirt and within 5 minutes found @jdanton. The @dannorris walked up like he knew me...he doesn't look like his twitter profile picture. I was looking for some guy with a big coat tugging on the collar.

It took me a second to realize who it was. Nice to meet you. I read earlier that he had been recently acquired (hostile takeover) by Oracle.

Kris (wifey) joined me right after it closed and we headed over to the Peabody where I got to meet @toddsheetz (best...last...name...ever). I have this sneaking suspicion though that my wife was a bigger hit than I was. She's a tad better looking than I.

Met David Peake of ApEx fame. He's the Product Manager for ApEx and gave the Oracle Forms conversion presentation I attended earlier. He's a hoot.

Then I saw a shiny object which I wanted (for LC), but it was attached to some girl. She wouldn't give it to me. Bollocks.

Nice 16 hour day though. Learned a lot, had fun and met some great people. Looking forward to tomorrow.

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Bradd Piontek said...

Awesome write-ups this week, Chet. It is almost like being there. (Well, not really) If you see this guy on the exhibitors floor, please let him out.